Saskatoon is a thriving prairie city on the South Saskatchewan River 

Our city is home to a vast urban forest, kilometers of riverbank trails and an abundance of wildlife. It boasts over 120 hectares of riverbank parklands and is surrounded by stream and wetlands.

Streams. Wetlands. Rain. Basin. Habitat. River. Water. Flow. Life.

NatureCity Festival 2017 is a deep dive into Saskatoon’s prairie waterscape - and the rich ecosystem and biodiversity it supports.

Our 2017 NatureCity Festival theme is:

We are Water: Explore our Prairie Waterscape

The Festival will take place May 23 - 28th, 2017.

There is little in the natural environment, economy, and society of Saskatchewan that is not intimately tied to and sustained by the flow and storage of water... nowhere else in Canada does the lack or excess of water cause such widespread concern, nor are there many Canadian environments that are subject to greater seasonal change”
— - Pomeroy, de Boer, and Martz Hydrology and Water Resources of Saskatchewan, 2005

       We invite urban residents, students, families, urban planners, artists, educators, community leaders, businesses and organizations to explore the vital role of water in our prairie city and life.

Water Sustains Us. We Are Water. Water is Sacred. Water is Life.

In addition to the considerable functional benefits that water provides in a city environment - from ecological functions to domestic use, industry and agriculture, to sustaining wildlife, biodiversity and wetlands for managing storm water, to the discharge of waste, green space management, landscape design, climate protection and more - water also inspires reverence, creativity, celebration, has the power to move us deeply and connects us meaningfully to the ecology that surrounds us.

We Are Water: Explore our Prairie Waterscape.

May 23 - 28, 2017