What is Wild about Saskatoon?

Wild about Saskatoon is an informal collective of nature-lovers who began to meet in the winter of 2012-13. We are madly in love with the beauty and diversity of the living world wherever we find it, especially within city limits.

Photo by May Haga

Photo by May Haga

Our goal is to foster a fresh, everyday connection between the residents of Saskatoon and the nature that envelops us, in the city as everywhere else.  We want to nurture a civic culture where respect for the living world is routinely reflected in our collective and individual decisions.

A city is not just built; it is also planted.  The City of Saskatoon provides habitat not only for humans but also – wonderfully – for hundreds, maybe even thousands, of species of plants, insects, birds and animals, from bumblebees to bats and from ducks to otters.  Without plants to produce oxygen, we could not breath.  Without insects to pollinate our gardens, we’d lack nourishing food.  Without birds and animals to raise our spirits, we would be intolerably alone.  Without the shining waters of the South Saskatchewan River, our lives, in incaluable ways, would be barren.

Nature does not begin where the sidewalk ends.  Wild about Saskatoon is an open invitation to experience your inner, urban nature.  If you would like to join us, just drop us a line.