A Ceiling of Golden Light

In the lead up to the NatureCity Festival, May 24-29, we have invited Saskatonians to tell us how nature calls to them in Saskatoon.  In this week's edition, Corey Neufeld, co-proprietor of The Better Good, describes how he keeps nature close in the city.  Photo courtesy of Corey Neufeld. 

Nature calls to me when I remember to listen. I have made it a regular practice to bike for my transportation year round and to swim (bathe) in the river and sleep outside half the year. The more time I spend this way, the more I value it; learning the habits of animals and the movement of stars. All this can be enjoyed and appreciated within Saskatoon. This spring I woke from a freezing night on my back deck and it was like this:

Woke with the sound of starlings murmuring

In the ceiling of golden light

Mountain Ash berries land on my covers