Drawn to the Pond

“Let’s go to the pond” is a common proposal in my household. In fact, I find myself drawn to Saskatoon’s ponds as frequently as I am drawn to its beautiful river. The abundance of wildlife, particularly birds, to be found at some of our urban ponds has never failed to surprise and fascinate me. Even those that are surrounded by highways, shopping centres, or housing may attract an impressive variety of waterfowl and other feathered friends. And as I watch ducks dabble and hear blackbirds trill, the noisy bustle of the city fades into the background and tranquility settles in. 

I hope very strongly that Saskatoon’s remaining natural wetlands are left undisturbed by the ravages of expansion. But I am also thankful for ponds that I can access with public transit or quickly escape to when I am forced to go shopping. And I am thankful for the animals and plants that manage to thrive in the midst of our human activity, providing moments of serenity and reminding us of our connection and responsibility to wildlife.