Wild at Heart

"Spring in the Prairies comes like a surprise.

One moment there’s snow on the ground,

the next there’s sun in your eyes.”

-- Connie Kaldor

Spring arrives quietly in Saskatoon. There are no trumpeting golden daffodils or clouds of pink cherry blossoms.

A robin’s red breast adds a touch of vibrant colour to the dull brown landscape, and catkins swing in the breeze. The Canada geese brave the snow and ice, filling the air with their jubilant cries. Listen carefully and you’ll hear the whisper of their wings as they fly overhead.

Next to arrive are our exotic pelican neighbours, shivering on the island south of the weir.  The crocuses are shy, hiding their purple beauty in a wispy, sage green veil.

The lilac and caragana hedges outline the farms and gardens of early European settlers, signs of human efforts to tame the land.

Fresh green grass and hot sunshine send us flocking to the Meewasin valley trails. Wild pink roses invite us to linger, while wolf willow reminds us of our prairie roots.

Spring calls to us, quietly but insistently, reminding us that we too are part of wild nature.

Penny McKinlay is the co-founder, with her brother Andrew, of EcoFriendly Sask.