The Fabulist

NatureCity Festival is important because I think if someone is mainly growing up inside the city it’s hard for them to get a perspective on what nature really is and can be and how it can help us to live better and to experience nature in general. Every time I go out running or cycling out on nature trails, it’s really something that feels exhilarating - it puts me in the moment and helps me be present and forget about any troubles I have it puts me in a good mood. 

Nature is naturally exciting for human beings because we have adapted to use and enjoy nature in many ways. It’s something that is inspiring and energizing and with that it helps us be healthier beings. 

The influences on my music from nature are somewhat through the author Aesop and he was very inspired by nature in the way of animals, particularly that they all have different characters. He saw that it was a very good way to connect humans lives to animals in the ways that humans interact with one another. In my songs I am playing that narrative that people are so connected to nature in the way that animals are characters just like everybody is very different from each other.

I am looking forward to playing for NatureCity Festival because the best entertainment always happens in a space that feels good - and it’s sort of a resonating energy that happens in nature between the audience and the performer in a space that is easy to feel comfortable.


The Fabulist 

Jeffrey Popiel