See You at the Beach

We're a band that's a little more "unconventional" and so our stages are often inside some dank old bar or basement; that being said we've always enjoyed being outside, walking for hours through parks, along the river, or just sitting in the back yard garden. Green spaces are a great place to mull over ideas, laughing and enjoying yourself can often lead to great creative epiphanies or just help relax the mind enough to figure things out. We don't think there's a creative person alive who could do it without the escape nature provides. Saskatoon is wonderful for having so many great spots to take a deep breath and recharge those batteries.

For us, being outside is simply vital to the soul. We're often poor, smelly, and cramped into a tiny car, but getting out and going to a beach or hiking down a trail is completely free, and when you do it with your friends you're bound to have a great time. Maybe a lunatic will run at you covered in toothpaste! Maybe you'll find some particularly gross mud to fling at your friends! Or you know.. just normal stuff.

On our last big tour we ended up playing in the depths of an apple orchard in Keremeos, BC . That little show was one of the greatest moments for us. There's something so freeing about experiencing art outdoors; the ego and self-conscious thoughts we all have are almost out the window, that's probably why people describe outdoor festivals as being so life changing, right?

We can have these wonderful experiences right here in the city, all we have to do is support it with numbers. If you love being outside, music, and art as much as we do it's all about going to everything. Take a group of friends to the outdoor JazzFest free stages, check out cool stuff around the river in thes ummer, and get out to the events put on by NatureCity.

You don't have to be a tree-huggin hippy or survivorman to have fun outdoors, there's plenty of great stuff right in your neighborhood.
See you at the beach,
The Faps