Our Vision

where there’s life - there’s hope.


The City of Saskatoon is just over a hundred years old, but the land on which it sits is ancient. People have been coming to these bends in the South Saskatchewan River for 300 generations, or more, drawn by the rich resources of shelter, fuel, water, food, medicines and healing stories.  Today, though much has changed, we are here for the same reasons, still seeking the basis of life, still seeking to live in right relationship with other beings: two-legged and four-legged, flowering, furred, feathered or finny.

NatureCity Festival is a unique, made-in-Saskatoon celebration, showcasing the one-of-a-kind place that we are privileged to call our home.

Now in its seventh year, the Festival is powered by volunteers and financed by committed donors, all seeking positive change and deepened community.

We show off the wild side of the Saskatoon: the magnificent river valley, parks, conservation areas, gardens and urban forests, together with the fascinating creatures and native plants that surround us.  NatureCity Festival is your opportunity to explore the vitality of urban nature in our city through experiential events, workshops, dynamic speakers, guided tours, citizen science projects, music, art, performance and more!

Wild About Saskatoon is located on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis. We pay our respects to the First Nations and Métis ancestors of this land and reaffirm our kinship with all our relations.

A Few of Our Achievements:

  • Over 60 (most free) events are offered each year, attracting an audience in the thousands

  • Over 50 community groups and organizations get involved, reaching far beyond “the usual suspects”

  • Exciting annual keynote lectures and workshops are mounted and are always well attended

  • Over 400 students each year attend our free School Program

  • A team of over 200 volunteers make the fun happen!

If you are madly in love with the wild world, you are sure to find a home in one of our +50 partner organizations. We are proud to celebrate and explore how we can protect the wild beauty of Saskatoon and beyond! Join us this spring and grow wild!