Wildly Exciting Learning Kits


Each package is designed to spark your students’ curiosity about the wild world!

The Education Committee of the Nature City Festival has created a number of kits for teachers to book out during Festival week. There is one of each kit, and one teacher may sign it out for the week.

The kits contain materials and instructions. We will drop the kits off to you on Tuesday, May 21, but you must return them to us, please. Watch this space for new additions, coming soon!



Tracks & Trackways 

The purpose of this kit is for the students to help students explore their neighbourhood, to identify the habitats of wild mammals that live in the city. The students will then make the tracks of the mammals from one part of the habitat to another.

Included in the kit are:
• instructions;
• stencils of the tracks (to scale) for snowshoe hare, red foxes, white tail deer, and cougar;
• sidewalk chalk, for marking tracks on the sidewalks;
• chalk paint for marking tracks on grassy areas.

You will need to provide the water to mix the chalk paint. Return the instructions and stencils with the kits. The consumables (chalk and chalk paint) are expected to be consumed.


Why Is Grass Green? Chromatography

The purpose of this kit is to support students learning about pigments in leaves, which create the leaf colours that we see. Also, this kit reinforces that it is because of chlorophyll (and other related pigments, such as xanthophyll - which will be seen more in fall) and sunlight, that the plant is able to convert light energy into plant material.

Kit includes:
• Instructions;
• rubbing alcohol;
• plastic cups;
• filter paper in the form of coffee filters

You will need to supply the leaves (by visiting the playground or a nearby park) [teach the students how to be respectful of the plant while removing one or a few leaves and remind them this is what Indigenous peoples do when they harvest from the wild]; paper; scissors; mortar and pestle or substitute (such as muddler or rock and sturdy bowl). Please return the instructions and the kit. All the other materials are considered consumables.

cut out foxpaws copytest.png