Episode Three

In the third episode of The NatureCity Podcast, I speak with Kirby England, a professional biologist in the Province of Alberta. His masters’ thesis was on Saskatoon’s beaver population and how we can co-exist in the South Saskatchewan river valley and beyond.

In the second part of the interview, we cover the many ways that people and beavers can have a contentious relationship. I enjoyed was learning how to protect large trees without harming the beaver or the tree. As Kirby England sees it “the beaver is more than an animal, it’s an ecosystem.” Clearly, there is so much to learn about these amazing animals. For example, I learn why they chew down big trees. Listen in to find out!

Busy Beavers in the Big City:

An Analysis of Beaver Distribution, Foraging and Non-lethal Forage Management in Urban Riverine Forests