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Saskatoon: Where the Wild Things Are!

Join us at the Broadway Theatre at 7 p.m. on Wednesday evening, May 22, for a gala evening of inspiration, insights and surprises as we go wild with special guest Dr. Maureen Murray of the Urban Wildlife Institute, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago. A rising star in the field of urban ecology, Murray earned her PhD at the University of Alberta with a path-breaking study on urban coyotes. Her focus is helping humans and wildlife coexist in cities, for the good of both people and animals. 


“We live in an urbanizing planet,” Murray explains. “The goal of the Urban Wildlife Institute is to inspire communities to create healthy urban ecosystems.”



Saskatoon is about to become only the second city in Canada to join the Urban Wildlife Information Network, an scientific project dedicated to understanding how insects, birds and mammals lead wild lives in urban settings—and how we can help them thrive. Murray will be detailing this new movement and what is happening in Saskatoon!

Murray is an enthusiastic advocate of citizen science – harnessing the eyes and ears of “regular” people to create useful data about our wild neighbors. This information can then be used in designing nature-friendly urban environments. Murray also brings exciting news about the Urban Wildlife Information Network – and Saskatoon’s upcoming involvement in this international research project! Murray will be joined on the stage by a circle of voices from Saskatoon, each celebrating a unique way to grow wild in our home town.


From 2013 on, NatureCity Festival keynote events have encouraged thousands of people to think wild thoughts, make new friends, and cultivate a deeper relationship with the natural world.


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