Learning Kits

Wildly exciting learning kits! 

Registration for 2021 will begin in early May, 2021.

We are pleased to offer seven kits, all designed by Saskatchewan educators and linked to the provincial curriculum. They are available on loan during the week of the Festival. Each is designed to spark your students’ curiosity about the wild world.

Tracks and Trackways

Grades: 3-8

This kit invites students to explore their neighborhood, by identifying potential habitats for wild mammals that live in the City. Students “make tracks” to link habitat nodes together. The kit includes instructions; stencils for the tracks for snowshoe hares, red foxes, white tail deer, and cougars; sidewalk chalk, for marking tracks on the sidewalks; and chalk paint for marking tracks on grassy areas.

You will need to provide the water to mix the chalk paint in. Return the instructions and stencils with the kits. The consumables (chalk and chalk paint) are expected to be consumed.

Seed Dispersal

Grades: 2-6

How do animals distribute plant seeds? This kit helps students learn different ways in which animals distribute plant seeds. Students will also learn to make seed bombs and become agents of seed dispersal themselves.

The kit includes instructions; headband templates so each student can “become” a different animal; plastic eggs, each colour representing seeds dispersed by a different animal; clay, for making seed bombs; soil, for making seed bombs; native wildflowers (really! native to Saskatoon area of Saskatchewan) seeds, for making seed bombs.

Chromatography. Why is grass green?

Grades: 6-12

This kit supports student learning about pigments in leaves, especially chlorophyll and xanthophyll, which are key to photosynthesis. The kit includes instructions, rubbing alcohol, plastic cups, coffee filters.

Keeping Track of Time

Grades: 1-5

This kit invites students to build a sundial. The activity is best done outdoors but could be successfully accomplished on a sunny window ledge. The kit includes instructions, clay, sticks, rocks, compass.

Burrowing Owls: Understanding Adaptations

Grades: 4-8

This kit helps students understand animal adaptations. The kit includes instructions, utensils, jars, cards.

Unnatured Trail: Making Observations

Grades: PreK-4

This kit encourages good observational and descriptive skills. This activity can be done indoors or outside. The kit contains instructions, human-made objects.

Nature Impressions: Making Observations through Art

Grades: PreK-4

This kit invites students to examine natural objects for texture and patterns, by making artistic impressions in clay. The kit includes instructions, clay, tile forms.