Acknowledging traditional territory, Treaty 6 and the first nations and metis people of this place.

We respectfully acknowledge that NatureCity Festival takes place on Treaty 6 territory and the traditional lands of First Nations and Métis people. 

As we engage in place-based and land-based education and experiences, it is important that we pay our respects both to the land and to the First Nations and Métis ancestors of this place and reaffirm our relationship with one another. As stated by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, we strive in our work to acknowledge the harms and mistakes of the past as a way to move toward a healthier future, with “relationships embedded in mutual recognition and respect”, and actively work against colonization. 

We dedicate ourselves to move forward in partnership with Indigenous communities in a spirit of reconciliation and collaboration.

Why is this important?

When making the important recognition of Treaty 6 and the traditional territory of First Nations and Metis people, we must consider why are doing it.

We acknowledge the land sharing spirit of Treaty 6 and respect the oral commitments made between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. When we acknowledge the land and territory that we are in, we take a purposeful moment to respect the history, culture and knowledges that exist because of this land, as well as the knowledges and right to the land of the First Nations and Metis people. We recognize the longer history of this territory, reaching beyond colonization and the establishment of European colonies, as well as its significance for the Indigenous peoples who lived and continue to live upon this territory. We also acknowledge the prosperity that Canada has benefitted, because of this gift of the Treaty by First Nations peoples.

This acknowledgment is a starting point to express our willingness, responsibility and commitment to help contribute to a healthy future for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada. It is important to us that we acknowledge that we are on Treaty 6 land and that there is history here that we are aware of and that is important to us, as is walking forward in a reconciliatory manner. We wish to express our respect to the spirit of Treaty 6, the territory and the First Nations and Metis people who lived and continue to live in this place. We wish to make our events inclusive and welcoming for all people in Saskatoon and beyond, and this acknowledgment is an important part of that commitment.

If you would like to learn more about the Treaties signed in Saskatchewan, see the Treaty Backgrounder created by the Office of the Treaty Commission.