Take a moment to think of your favourite place in Nature. There: don’t you feel better already?

Spending time in Nature is good for us in so many ways. Getting out into the peace of wild places lowers our heart rates, clears our minds and helps to lift the blues. In fact, a recent study from Stanford University suggests that “accessible natural areas may be vital for [the] mental health” of city dwellers like us.

The pandemic has made these benefits more obvious and important than ever before. Being in wide open, natural spaces not only lessens the chances of contracting COVID-19, it also helps to reduce the stress brought on by the disruptions we have all experienced. Be kind to yourself and those you love: go for a walk on the wild side.

Your Nature Rx:
At least 20 minutes
in nature per day,
at least 2 hours
in nature per week.

-Dr. Melissa Lem